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The literacy course is a special language course for immigrants who are not able to read or write Roman (or Latin) script. The aim of the course is to learn German and Roman (Latin script).

The literacy course consists of 960 lessons. In certain conditions, the course can be extended by a further 300 lessons.

Current Dates

The literacy course takes place Mondays through Thursday, from 8.30h to 12.45h and 13.30h to 17.45h.


For those wishing to refresh their knowledge and for those with advanced language

The advanced language course deepens and expands on the knowledge covered in the basic language course topics.
Moreover, it serves as a refresher course for participants that have not passed the examination and wish to prepare themselves for a further attempt.

Current course times

The refresher course takes place Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 12.45pm as well as from 12.30pm to 3.45pm.


German culture, history and law

A 100 hour orientation course runs in addition to the language course. Within its framework, participants will concern themselves with German culture, history and the legal system. They will learn useful information about life in Germany, the democratic system and the values, which are of fundamental importance to us. Moreover, regional customs as well as cultural and historical contexts will be explored.

This module concludes with a test:
You can access more information about the test here:

BAMF Testcenter