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AZAV Certified

The “Ordinance regarding the conditions and procedure for the accreditation of professional bodies and the admission of employment support providers in accordance with German Social Security Code III”(Further Training Approval Ordinance” (AZAV) forms the legal basis for this.

According to this, a system ensuring the quality according to § 84 No. 4 of the German Social Security Code III, is present when an appropriate state-of-the-art systematic instrument documents and is efficiently applied for the quality assurance and quality development, and the effectiveness of which is constantly improved. Therefore, our documentation includes information on:

  1. A customer-based mission statement,
  2. the consideration of developments in the job market for the design and implementation of training measures,
  3. how company objectives, teaching and learning objectives as well as methods including the assessment methods for integration are defined,
  4. the methods used for the promotion of the individual learning processes,
  5. a regular evaluation of the offered measures by means of accepted methods,
  6. company organization and leadership,
  7. the implementation of internal audits on the functionality of the company,
  8. the willingness to cooperate with external experts for quality development and
  9. target agreements, measurement of the degree of target achievements and the control of ongoing optimization processes based on key figures or indicators obtained.

Lector GmbH was last certified as an admitted employment support provider in accordance with German Social Security Code III” (Further Training Approval Ordinance) on 16.07.2022 for another 5 years under the certification register number T-01174-2927.